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Core Features

We empower businesses with the unmatched benefits of machine learning, by building, training and testing the model’s efficiency and iterating until the desired accuracy is achieved.

Why choose us?

The ever swelling demography has ushered a huge influx of medical details. Unfortunately these data, mostly in image form, invite great difficulties to access, amend or even perceive them ousting human intervention. And here comes LASIT 2.0 to save the day by preprocessing those images, usually in " tabular" form, extracting the text employing graphological understanding and thereby training the model. Without the data being accessed to.

LASIT 2.0 process

Thus LASIT 2.0 makes the data comprehensible to the bot. The advanced algorithms of LASIT 2.0 are there to help organizations in solving key business challenges enabling data driven decision making ,pattern recognition, understanding handwritten texts and creating innovative business models.