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Contextual AI the next Digital Frontier

Artemis allows users to train their own custom AI models using business-specific datasets for text summarization, suggestion and prioritization in contextual AI. With natural language processing (NLP) Artemis can automatically fix ambiguities between words and do spell correction. Artemis can understand the context and meaning of it and find the errors without accessing the data. With new cutting edge algorithms you can experience an unseen level of detail that is much more impactful and accurate than generic AI systems, and much more valuable to enterprises as well.

Optimize experience with Artemis

Contextual Intelligence is our proprietary method of blending advanced technologies, like machine learning and explainable AI, with human intelligence to help companies create more meaningful and efficient data processing. Real-word errors can be detected with deeper context analysis or word sense disambiguation. NLP is particularly booming in the healthcare industry. The fact that clinical documentation can be improved means that patients can be better understood and benefited through better healthcare. The goal should be to optimize their experience, and with Artemis it's never been easier.

Dive in with NLP

NLP will play a critical role in deriving business intelligence from raw business data with really accessing the data in order to do so, including product data, sales and marketing data, customer support, brand reputation and the current talent pool of an enterprise. This means NLP will be the key to shifting many legacy companies from data-driven to intelligence-driven platforms, helping humanity quickly get the insights they need to make decisions.