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Waterlabs is the end-to-end enterprise AI platform that automates and accelerates every step of your path from data to value without accessing any of your raw data.
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Endless possibilities at your fingertips

Innovation is the belief that there is a way to do everything and, if that is so, there is a better and best way to do everything

AI Bots

Let business users interact with your predictive models to optimize outcomes and support the critical decisions.


Automated AI solutions for text extraction from unstructured data with proprietary AI techniques.


Our machine learning solution to provide text summarization, suggestion and prioritization in contextual AI.

Digital Business AI

AI can automate business processes, gain insights through data analysis and engage with customers.

Make your business process faster with us

With our Innovative AI solutions, you can automate any business process and make decision making faster, accurate, and more effective.

Automate your business processes with proprietary AI techniques.

Our highly evolved enterprise-grade contextual AI bots are capable of automating any business process with unprecedented speed and absolute compliance.

AI Bots

Our AI Bots offer quick implementation and non-invasive solutions that accelerates productivity and increases business performance.

Optical Character Recognition

Turn any PDF, image, scanned document into a fully editable file with our Optical Character Recognition (LASIT 2.0) module.

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Our fields of expertise

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Financial Services

AI has the potential to super-charge financial services and transform the way services are delivered to customers. It could allow more informed and tailored products, services and internal process efficiencies enhanced by cybersecurity with reduced risk.


Banks have started to build AI systems to sort the complex data and add subsequent ones for creating a universal record and profile for every client. Banks make adequate investments to store data and prevent data leakage safely. AI detects banks' potential hazards in the implementation stage and then efficiently identifies and executes strategies according to the priorities of the organization. Artificial intelligence is a crucial element in gaining a competitive advantage.


AI has the potential to transform the insurance experience of customers from frustrating and bureaucratic to something fast on demand and more affordable. Tailor made insurance products are attracting more customers at a fairer price. Companies are applying AI tech to a mountain of data at their disposal; seeing more flexible insurances such as on demand pay as you go insurance and premiums that adjust in response to accidents, customer health, etc.


Healthcare is becoming more crucial day by day from disease diagnosis to health monitoring; drug research and medicine analysis. It has dramatic role into many subfields helping patients to avail better treatment and medical care at hospitals.

Retail Space

Our AI BOT's can engage with retail customers and understand their requirements to make personalized recommendations which will ultimately encourage them to make a purchase. For retail companies, AI creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual and physical sales channels.


AI is increasingly aiding utilities in managing, optimizing and maintaining not only their infrastructure, but their customer support operation as well. AI is helping utility companies automate repetitive customer inquiries and other tasks, thereby allowing them to concentrate on building customer relationships and taking their customer service to the next level.


AI plays a vital role in saving time, reducing costs and increasing productivity and accuracy with cognitive automation. AI affects warehouse operations, such as collecting and analyzing information or inventory processing. As a result, AI can help increase efficiency and reap benefits. Artificial intelligence is beneficial for transportation.

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